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Avo Lounge Edition Toro

Avo LoungeThis Avo Lounge Edition Toro is a 6×50 medium bodied cigar. It has an Ecuadorian 151 sun grown wrapper and a binder/filler made of a blend of Dominican olor, piloto Cubano, and San Vicente tobaccos. This gives it an over all rich smooth earthy flavor with tones of leather, vegetable, and mild cedar notes towards the finish. I received this cigar and many others from Corona Cigar Co and was excited to fire it up. I have smoked Avo cigars before and have never been disappointed, this one is no exeption. In fact I must say the Avo Lounge Edition Toro is one of the best cigars I’ve had, which says a lot seeing that I prefer a full-bodied smoke. Ok now that I’ve hiped it up let me tell you why.

At first sight the Avo Lounge Edition Toro as a lovely medium-brown sun grown wrapper with just some light veining to it. As for its construction, I could find no faults with its perfect cap, consistent color, and a feel that any fine cigar should have. On firing up this cigar you’re meet with a deep rich earthiness that settles into a smooth earthy and leathery flavor with a vegetable note. Midway, and to the end, the vegetable notes are replaced with a wonderful cedar note that brings all the flavors together into perfect balance. This cigar would go nicely with a glass of Porto.

I know if you light up an Avo Lounge Edition Toro you will not be disappointed. So now that your about to go out and get this cigar for yourself Stop! There is only one place to get them and that’s at Corona Cigar Co. Yep, that’s right it’s an exclusive with them! But that is not a problem you can order on-line or if you’re in the Orlando area stop by one of the three Corona Cigar Co. You may even run into me there too.

Cigar Name:Avo Lounge Edition Toro

Size: 6×50DSC04688

Wrapper: Ecuadorian 151 sun grown wrapper

Binder & Filler:A blend of Dominican olor, piloto Cubano, and San Vicente tobaccos.

Draw & Burn: Perfect

Body: Medium Bodied

Overall Flavor: Earthy, leathery, & notes of cedar.

Rating: 92DSC04686


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