Cuban Crafter Medina 1959

Name: Cuban Crafters Medina 1959 Miami Limited

CC 1959

Appearance: 6 1/2 X 52, Cuban-seed wrapper

Burning: Even burn,and wonderful draw

Construction: Well constructed cap, light veining slightly firm.

Taste: Medium bodied, with a smooth rich leathery flavor combined with spicy & nut notes.

Grade: A

Final Comments: A perfect blend of rich & smooth flavors that finish well. A cup of coffee would complement this cigar nicely.

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Room 101 Cigar

Room101_InitialSo the long awaited Room 101 Cigars will soon be out. There are and will be multiple launch parties throughout the US. Be sure to check out Events and News for local dates or visit  Room 101′s Site or Facebook Page for more details.

Room 101 Cigars is the brain child (or love child) of Matt Booth and Camacho Cigars. “It’s an extension of my luxury lifestyle brand and a collaborative effort between myself and Camacho.” –Matt Booth. With such names behind it you can’t but hope it will be great. Matt Booth said in an interview at the IPCPR Trade Show that “It’s a collective of things that I dig, and I love smoking cigars.”… “It’s just another facet of that; it’s just something from my life; it’s my personal meditation cigar smoking.”

I have been very lucky in that I was able to receive a pre-production sample of a Room 101 cigar. The cigar is 5×50 with a Semilla 101 wrapper and Honduran and Dominican binder and filler. Just so everyone knows the Semilla 101 (aka 101 Seed) wrapper is an exclusive and unique leaf developed for the Room 101 line. The filler leaf combinations are also unique to these cigars.

The cigar I am reviewing today has no band (as this is a pre-production); the wrapper is a deep rich chocolate brown with a nice sheen and is smooth with little to no veining. The cap construction is very good and was easy to cut. I had no problems lighting this cigar or keeping it going, it burned beautifully and had a light gray almost white solid ash. The draw was what I consider perfect! Not too hard, not to easy, just right enough to pull through all the flavors (and enjoyment).Room101_Burn

Initially it has a smooth rich earthiness with a nice spice note, a nice medium body experience.  Midway through, the mild spice develops into a much richer bolder spice note with hints of pepper and earthy undertones. It was a quick wake-up call that makes you pay attention and is more akin to a full body than a medium. Near the last third of the cigar the pepper y hints are almost gone and the spiciness is again second to the rich earth tones found during the initial light. By now the cigar feels like a full body but the change is well done and welcome.

Earthiness seems to be at the core of this cigar; it runs throughout the cigar and ties it all together. I hope that full production only makes this cigar better. I would smoke it again and with a MSRP ranging from $7 to $10 would highly recommend it.

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Room 101/Camacho Conspiracy Tour Florida Dates


Thursday, October 8 and Friday, October 9, 2009
Time: 6PM – 9PM
Where: Cordova Cigars
Street: 6050 North 9th Avenue, Suite C
City/Town: Pensacola, FL
Tel: 850-473-0080

I will post more dates as they become available.

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Rock the Democracy Smoke Out

Sponsored by Camacho Cigars

Join us as we protect our freedom to enjoy cigars!
While there you can:

  • Sign the Tobacconist Preservation Act.
  • Join the Cigar Rights of America & receive a special “Signing Bonus”.
  • If your an existing CRA member you can receive a free “Freedom Fighter” cigar.
  • There will be a Port & wine tasting.
  • Smoked turkey legs on the grill.
  • And of course specials on all Camacho Cigars.

I’ll be there and hope to see you there protecting your rights to smoke cigars.

Date: Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Time: 3PM – 8PM
Location: Corona Cigar Co. at Dr. Phillips
Address: 7792 W. Sand Lake Rd., Orlando, FL 32819
Tel: (407) 248-1212

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Avo Lounge Edition Toro

Avo LoungeThis Avo Lounge Edition Toro is a 6×50 medium bodied cigar. It has an Ecuadorian 151 sun grown wrapper and a binder/filler made of a blend of Dominican olor, piloto Cubano, and San Vicente tobaccos. This gives it an over all rich smooth earthy flavor with tones of leather, vegetable, and mild cedar notes towards the finish. I received this cigar and many others from Corona Cigar Co and was excited to fire it up. I have smoked Avo cigars before and have never been disappointed, this one is no exeption. In fact I must say the Avo Lounge Edition Toro is one of the best cigars I’ve had, which says a lot seeing that I prefer a full-bodied smoke. Ok now that I’ve hiped it up let me tell you why.

At first sight the Avo Lounge Edition Toro as a lovely medium-brown sun grown wrapper with just some light veining to it. As for its construction, I could find no faults with its perfect cap, consistent color, and a feel that any fine cigar should have. On firing up this cigar you’re meet with a deep rich earthiness that settles into a smooth earthy and leathery flavor with a vegetable note. Midway, and to the end, the vegetable notes are replaced with a wonderful cedar note that brings all the flavors together into perfect balance. This cigar would go nicely with a glass of Porto.

I know if you light up an Avo Lounge Edition Toro you will not be disappointed. So now that your about to go out and get this cigar for yourself Stop! There is only one place to get them and that’s at Corona Cigar Co. Yep, that’s right it’s an exclusive with them! But that is not a problem you can order on-line or if you’re in the Orlando area stop by one of the three Corona Cigar Co. You may even run into me there too.

Cigar Name:Avo Lounge Edition Toro

Size: 6×50DSC04688

Wrapper: Ecuadorian 151 sun grown wrapper

Binder & Filler:A blend of Dominican olor, piloto Cubano, and San Vicente tobaccos.

Draw & Burn: Perfect

Body: Medium Bodied

Overall Flavor: Earthy, leathery, & notes of cedar.

Rating: 92DSC04686


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We are Back!

It has taken us a little longer than we hoped but the final server migration has been completed, the upload/recovery of all missing data and photos is also complete (as far as we can tell), the mobile theme has been restored (hurray for phone access), ability to log in and out is back, and most of the links have been reset and tested.

We have taken additional steps with our new ISP and any content providers to ensure that this does not happen again. If you find anything is missing or out of place please let us know.

Thanks again for sticking with us. We hope to bring you all many more reviews, news, and information for a long time to come!

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Almost Back!

Just want to thank you all for sticking with us so far. Right now we have gained access to some of our data but we are still working on recovering posts past April 09 and all of our photos. The mobile theme and the ability to login and comment will also be restored shortly. The server migration is almost complete and we should, hopefully, not experience any more problems in the future.

Again, thank you all for your patience during this time and remeber: “It’s simply about the cigar.”

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Downtime Update

Just wanted to update everyone about the current amount of downtime we have been experiencing. Our old ISP has been experiencing major system issues and as such we have been down quite a bit these last few weeks. Most of our data is currently inaccesible but we have been assured that back-ups will soon be available. In the mean time we are migrating to a more stable location in hope of avoiding anymore downtime in the future.

Once our data is recovered (in whole or in part) we will start to load it into the new server. Please check back soon and thank you for your patience.

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Gurkha Black Dragon

Name: Gurkha Black Dragon


Appearance: 5×50, Connecticut Maduro wrapper

Burning: Perfect & even burn rate. No need to relight.

Construction: Well constructed, nice draw, ez to cut.

Taste: Full-bodied, leathery & earthy with a mild spiciness.

Grade: B

Final Comments: It was rich and smooth. A very enjoyable cigar for those who like a full-bodied smoke.

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Camacho Connecticut

Name: Camacho Connecticut 
 camacho conn
Appearance: A smooth Connecticut wrapper, & well made cap.

Burning: Even burn, solid white ash and good burn rate. No need to relight.

Construction: Very well made cigar, giving it a wonderful draw the whole smoke.

Taste: A medium-bodied smoke with a nice smooth spicy tone and leathery notes.

Grade: A

Final Comments: If you like a cigar with some spice to it and are not in the mood for a full-bodied smoke this is a must try.

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